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À Propos

Marie lives and works in Paris, France.

She’s graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles. Still student, she teaches the Islamic Cities, especially Cairo, to post-graduated architects, as an associate professor and researcher. To make real her Diploma’s work on Saigon’s slums transformation, she creates an aid organization with few friends, which is now involved in many emerging countries. Just graduated, she joins one of the most important international architectural company, as a Project Director. She then leads a team for ten years, and collaborates five more years as a free-lance, developping outstanding urban and architectural projects all over the world. Highly Gifted, she decides in 2010 to devote herself to her passion for photography. Since then, her images are exposed in International Art Fairs (Art Basel, Paris Photo, Aipad…), in solo and collective shows in Paris and Tokyo, and are part of many private and public collections.

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